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Soothing Nail File

Soothing Nail File

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Stress-Free Nail Care

No more wrestling with traditional nail clippers or visits to the groomer's, where your pet may feel anxious. With our Soothing Nail File, nail care becomes a bonding experience rather than a chore.

COMBINES NAIL-CARE & PLAY: As your furry friend energetically paws at the textured scratch pad to unearth their hidden treasures, they unknowingly engage in a natural nail maintenance ritual. The gentle yet effective friction generated during their digging files their nails, keeping them trim and tidy, effortlessly.

MENTAL STIMULATION & REWARDS: Simply fill the secure treat cavity with your dog's favorite snacks and slide the tray over it. The temptation of hidden treats ignites their curiosity and, more importantly, sparks their natural digging instincts.

QUALITY THAT LASTS: Our Soothing Nail File is designed with durability in mind. It's built to withstand the vigorous pawing and clawing of your enthusiastic furry friend.

EASY MAINTENANCE: Cleaning and refilling the treat cavity is a breeze, ensuring that the game of hide & seek can go on and on. 

Vet Approved! 

Note: DigEase is a stationary floor scratch pad. The FlexiGrip is an adjustable scratch pad that can be floor based, or upright at an angle.  

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How to file the rear paws?

Place your pet’s front paws on a step stool (with treats in hand to train), with the scratch pad in placed in between their front and rear paws. Place it at an inclined angle such that in order to reach for the treats they will start scratching their rear paws. Link their reward to their act of scratching rear nails (not pads). Ask for the dig cue. And please note that front paw nails grow faster than rear paw nails, which means the frequency of needing to file the rear paw nails is lower.
Training filing the rear paws may take slightly longer than training for front paws as they’re more aware of the front paws so a little patience will go a long way! 

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  • Step 1

    Place the treats in the snack box and let your dog eat from the snack box several times, so that your dog understands food will always be there.

  • Step 2

    Put the treats in again, but this time close the lid of the snack box (only leaving a small gap) and encourage your dog to scratch to open the snack box.

  • Step 3

    Point towards the file and guide your dog saying 'scratch', 'get it', 'where is it', etc. Once your dog scratches the file, immediately open the snackbox and reward the dog with treats

  • Step 4

    Praise and repeat the process to make scratching for the snack box a habit. As you progress, reward your dog after longer scratching. And remember to have fun!

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Natural Filing + Stimulation

The combination of mental stimulation from the hunt for treats and the satisfying reward makes your dog's tail wag with joy and contentment.

Well-maintained nails contribute to your dog's overall health and well-being. Overgrown nails can be uncomfortable, but our Soothing Nail File ensures your pet's paws remain in tip-top shape.


You will see your dog's nails filed just after a few sessions of this playful activity! Let them use their own natural instinct to dig as a way to file their nails and you won't have to worry about the stress you cause yourself and them in an attempt to clip their niails at home or at the vet's. This is Vet Approved!

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When a dog parent says she trust us, we just agree with her! Absolut Pet's Nail Files are being loved and scratched away to glory - and that's exactly what we want!

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