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Elevated Dog Bed

Elevated Dog Bed

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Introducing our Elevated Dog Bed – the ideal cooling, breathable bed – for your pet to get a comfortable night’s rest! This bed is both sturdy and light, equipped with 4 legs, a middle stand, and an airy mesh, ensuring that your pet is provided ample support while also creating a refreshing and cooling effect!

Creates a Comforting Sleep Pattern – Sleeping on the floor can cause pain in pressure points like on the hips, and various other joints. The bed is especially helpful for pets with arthritis and joint problems, as the elevation reduces pressure on the joints and leads to a pain-free and fulfilling sleeping period.

Cooling Effect – Equipped with a breathable mesh and an elevated design that allows the bed to be elevated 7 inches off the ground, this bed ensures that your pet remains cool during those hot, sweltering summers!

Suitable for Large Dogs - The durable metal frame provides sturdy support for pets weighing up to 60 pounds, so you too can have a worry-free night - comfortable with the knowledge that your pet is taken care of!

Durable – The entire mesh surface is combined with 600D Oxford cloth to make the fabric more highly durable and wear-resistant. The supporting frame is made of metal, so the bed remains secure and non-collapsible, providing adequate support for pets of all sizes!

Portable – The lightweight and foldable design not only guarantees that the bed is airy and breathable, but it also makes it super easy to carry from place to place, unlike heavy, weighed-down beds that take up most of your luggage space while traveling. It is also the perfect bed to take on camping or hiking trips – all you have to do is set it up in a nice spot and you’re all set!

Easy to Clean – Since these beds aren’t made with heavy fabrics, it is unlikely for the beds to get dirty quickly. The durable canvas mesh and metal frame are easy to quickly hose off in an open space before you bring the bed back in the house.



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