Our Story

Seeing our brand Absolut Pet grow strength to strength makes our hearts warm and fuzzy with pride. We started this business as two people, and till date it’s still us; a couple with a passion for fur-friends, running what’s amassed into a trustworthy brand that's grown beyond us.

My partner and I were really lucky to find our two fur-children - Romeo and Princess (Labrador and Beagle) through our local shelter home where the minute we saw them, we felt a connect! Princess wouldn’t leave me with all her cuddles!
And just like every pet-parent, we were over obsessive, over cautious and over protective of everything that went near them and especially everything that went in their mouths! There were countless times I tried to look products that looked after their holistic health (physical AND mental), and was disappointed at each step as I found superficial products designed for functional needs, and that too for the benefit of the owners, rarely keeping in mind the real benefits to the pets themselves.

This was when my partner and I decided to start a business to help other pet parents like us find a one-stop shopping destination where they can be assured of great quality products that solve real problems that everyone in the pet world suffers from (parents and pets).

All products were born out of real every day problems, such as these: Every time I cuddled into my comforter and turned on Netflix, I wondered to myself if there was ever a soft, cozy bed that would relax Romeo and Princess.. and so we went ahead and created the Soothing Bed! Or what if they wanted to play when we were away at work - and so we went ahead created the Automatic Roller Ball that can keep them occupied! OR when we took out the little fellows for a walk..what if there was a double leash holding them both together instead of two separate ones that get entangled? And so we came up with Double Dog Leash!! 

Every product has been carefully designed and sourced to to meet the highest standards possible and with the BEST intentions of our pet-children, pet-nieces/nephews and pet-friends in mind. 

We hope you enjoy your shopping at Absolut Pet!

Absolut Pet Team
Email: Info@AbsolutPet.com