How to celebrate a Safe and Pet-friendly Easter

Easter is celebrated worldwide with great joy!  Since Easter is just around the corner, we’re sure you would love to have a pet-friendly Easter so we’ve put together a list of things to avoid, that will help you celebrate a safe and fun Easter with your pets!

Plastic Easter Grass: Plastic grass can make Easter baskets look colorful and bright, but is super harmful to your pet. Pets cannot digest the plastic grass, so if they end up ingesting it, it causes severe health issues. So make sure the Easter basket is kept away from your pets and try using a safer alternative like tissues and paper to decorate the basket.

Plastic Easter Grass

Chocolate: No Easter is complete without chocolate! That said, make sure to keep your chocolate far away from your pets! Chocolate can increase the heart rate and make your pets hyperactive, which adversely affects their nervous systems.

Easter chocolate

Easter lilies: Easter lilies are such pretty flowers but are also very harmful to your pets. So when someone gives you a bouquet of lilies on Easter, make sure to keep them well out of your pet's reach. These lilies can make your pets lethargic and in some cases, cause them to vomit. 

Easter lilies

Drinks: If you have guests over on Easter, please ensure that the drinks are not left around the house, where your pets can get to them. Caffeinated drinks are highly toxic to animals, so please ensure that all the drinks are kept away from your pets.



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