10 ways to keep your pets entertained and active indoors.

10 ways to keep your pets entertained and active indoors.

Even though Spring is here in most parts of the world and summer is right around the corner, we should always be prepared for cloudy days when we are stuck inside the house and nowhere to go!

Keeping your pet entertained is tough in itself, but having to explain to your dog that you cannot go out can be even more tough. Being pet parents ourselves, we know how important it is for you to keep your dog active and energized. So, here are some fun indoor activities for you and your pet!

  1. Teach your pet a new trick: There is always a new trick you can teach your dog! Since you’re stuck at home anyway, you have both the time and patience. If your dog already knows how to shake hands and sit at your call, you can always try out new tricks such as
    -Putting your toys away,
    -Weaving zigzag through a maze made from placing cups on the floor
    -How to ‘bow’.
    -The list is endless and by the end of this, your dog could become a professional! 
  2. Doggie Stair-master: While we are familiar with the stair master machine in the gym, this is different! If you have stairs in your house, stand on one end of the stairs with your dog and throw a treat or toy on the other end of the stairs and ask your dog to go fetch it and bring it back to you. Not only will this get them running and moving around, but will also make it a great game for your dog to play! If you’re worried about breaking any household items, the trick is to use a lightweight rubber ball to avoid any damage.
  3. Tug of War: Play interactive games with your fur kids! Tug of War at home using a tough cloth or rope is a great game to tease them! Contrary to people’s misconception, tug of war does not make dogs aggressive, instead it was found that dogs that play tug of war with their owners were found to be more obedient and closely bonded. Letting your dog win will only make it more fun for your dog and encourage him to be playful!
  4. Be interactive: While we all know they love our attention and love, they also love being included in household chores. So, include them in your daily activities, such as teaching them to fetch your slippers, or placing a lightweight bag around their neck or for them to hold in their teeth and move from one place to another (filled with tiny snacks you want to give your other family members but are too lazy too, or simply the laundry bag). Though your dog might spill the contents over in the beginning few tries, they will soon master the art of balance and become your responsible helper.
  5. Become a masseuse: Yes, you read that right! Dogs love a good massage, and now is the best time to work on your massaging skills. Learn the soft spots that relax your dog. This will not only calm and soothe your dog’s anxiety, but will also improve their blood circulation and overall health.
  6. Play Switch: If you’re feeling lazy and are cuddled up in your bed watching Netflix, this trick will come in handy! Teach your dog how to switch on/off the lights! Not only will this keep them mentally alert, it’ll also save you the effort and time. If your dog is a smaller dog, encourage your dog to jump up, which will also improve their agility. However, make sure you’re ok with tiny scratched on your switch board for this activity.
  7. Bake Doggie treats: While this is more work for you than for your dog, its a gesture that’ll convey to them that you love them enough to spend hours in the kitchen to bake them their favourite treats! Whip up simple dog biscuits recipes and treat your dog with healthy home made treats. This way, you can control the ingredients being used and the portion of food your dog is eating.
  8. Indoor swimming: It is getting warmer and If your dog loves a good swim but is restricted to staying indoors, a good bath in an indoor portable pet pool. This will cool them down while also serving as a fun bath time activity! If your dog is a naughty one, the water will spill over, so doing it in your home garden, bathroom or even balcony is a good idea.
  9. Funny videos: turn your pet into a Hollywood star by dressing them up and taking funny videos! Not only will your dog be amused, but you too will have memorable videos of your dog being sassy, funny, innocent and loving! Share the funny meme videos with your friends and family and spread some laughter and love!
  10. Cuddle and snuggle with your pet: Your dog would love nothing more than having you to themselves all day! Make the most of your free time and snuggle with them in our Absolut Soothing pet beds. Show them the love you have for them, and they will automatically feel happier and stress-free with having you by their side.
While there are many others way to keep your dog entertained indoors, here are 10 tips to begin with that will make both of you happy and will leave you with tonnes of memories.
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