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Wireless Bluetooth Tracker

NO MORE worrying about losing your pet! Or anything else for that matter.The #1 Wireless Bluetooth Tracker is now 60% OFF! Are you tired of running behind your energetic pets? Or sick of forgetting where you kept your phone or wallet? Just hook this Bluetooth Tracker onto them and the device will alert you when it crosses the safety distance. Coming with Location finder, Photo capture and 2-way searching, this Bluetooth GPS Tracker will make sure you don’t lose your belongings and your peace of mind. Available in different colors.

A stitch in time, saves NINE - Get your Tracker NOW and save yourself the cost of lost belongings!

  • The #1 Wireless Bluetooth Tracker is now 60% OFF!
  • Location finder, Photo capture and 2-way searching available.
  • Can be used for pets, kids, wallets, phones, etc
  • Have everything under your control.

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