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Soothing Pillow

Soothing Pillow

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Because mama's couldn't be everywhere, we made pillows that hug you back! 

Our Soothing Pillow is U-shaped to mimic your hug which helps calm your dog's separation anxiety. The more relaxed the dog, the better the sleep! If your dog loves resting on your hands or laps, then this pillow is exactly what you need.

Suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages, our Soothing Pillows help your dog feel at ease and curl up for a nap anywhere. 

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Does your dog have breathing issues?

Especially for breeds known to have breathing issues or difficulties, sleeping with their head and neck elevated will provide them with more comfort.

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Soft Neck Support

A soothing neck rest that cuddles them around their neck and makes them feel safe and cozy. Especially soothing for dogs that have aged or have orthopaedic issues.

Soothes Anxiety

Imagine a soft, warm, and cozy hug around your neck? Aghh...we would immediately doze off to sleep! Our U-shaped pillow feels like a cozy, safe space for your pup and will help reduce seperation anxiety.

A Hug For Your Neck - No Matter What Size

Small or Big, our Soothing Pillow doesn't discriminate when it comes to giving hugs! Suitable for all dogs that love to curl up - especially chin-resters.

Hug Me!

Easy Maintenance

We know you're busy doing the best for your fur kid! But, we're here to make caring for your pup easier. Machine washable and dryer safe. Simply cold wash, gentle cycle, and tumble dry low heat.

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