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Enrichment Snuffle Toy

Enrichment Snuffle Toy

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The most fun way to mentally stimulate your dogs and allow them to use their natural sniffing abilities! Especially for puppies for whom sniffing is vital to growing up healthily. 

The Enrichment Snuffle Toy allows you to roll treats inside the cloth and encourage your dog to sniff and play with it to find the treats! 

Anxiety-Relief: Dogs naturally sniff to keep themselves mentally active and curious. This helps them calm their nerves and soothe their anxiety. When your dog can't go out for a walk on a rainy day or when they are home alone, it can help relieve separation anxiety and release stress in dogs.

Entertainment: Your dog will be entertained for hours on end indoors! Exhaust your dogs' energy by giving them the mystery of the snuffle toy. You only need a little space for this!

Dog Vision Approved: Dogs can only see 3-4 colors clearly while the rest is black and white. Our Toys were made to look colorful & attractive for your dog!

Durable & Safe: Our Enrichment Snuffle Toy is made with soft, eco-friendly durable materials that are safe and non-toxic for your furkid. 

Easy To Clean: Convenient to clean both with hand-wash or machine wash. Use a little detergent along with the toy and it should be clean and hygienic for your dog to use. We recommend cleaning it at least twice a week.


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