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Double Dog Leash

Do you have 2 dogs? Are you tired of their leashes tangling when you walk them both together? The#1 Double Dog Leash is now 60% OFF! The Double Dog Leash helps you walk 2 Dogs with 1 Leash without the two lines tangling when your dogs cross each other. Your walks will be stress-free & Tangle-free for both you and your fur friends! The main swivel joint prevents the leash lines from crossing each other with it's smart technology which adjusts and re-aligns itself. With the two stoppers, you can control both leash lines independently of one another with ease. The two buttons match the color of the corresponding leash to be able to identify which button is linked to which dog.

Its ergonomic shape makes the Double Dog Leash fit well in your hand and enables you to guide both your dogs with one hand. It is light & comfortable. The two 2.5-meter-long lines retract into the coil, keeping it tangle free till your next walk!

  • The #1 Double Dog Leash that is 60% OFF
  • Walk 2 Dogs with 1 Leash!
  • Color coordinated buttons and leash lines to walk your dogs TANGLE FREE!
  • 2.5m per leash with collective a weight capacity of 100 pounds

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