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Automatic Roller Ball

Does your pet have an endless amount of energy? Want your dogs and cats to  exercise playfully? The #1 Automatic Roller Ball is now 60% OFF! This built-in-motor ball Magically rolls by itself to play with your pets and keep them active. It will keep them busy for hours! SAFE & Non-Toxic to play with, it will prevent them from getting bored even while you’re away. Give your pet the PURR-FECT interactive toy that is smart, time & cost-efficient. Each ball comes with 4 free colored covers, and is the BEST way to keep your dog active and healthy!
  • The #1 Automatic Roller Ball is now 60% OFF!
  • Entertains your pet even when you're away or busy. 
  • 4 FREE Colored Covers per ball
  • Built-in-motor creates automatic ball movement, interacting with your pet.
  • Exhaust your pet with 0 effort!
  • Suitable for ALL pets and ALL sizes.

How To Use:

  1. Open the ball in half to expose the motor
  2. Twist the latch and insert battery
  3. Choose the Colored Cover of your choice and put it on
  4. Turn it on and watch the magic happen!

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