Soothing Bed Size Chart

 Size Dimensions
(in Inches / CM)
XS (20*20") / (50*50)
(24*24") / (60*60)
(28*28") / (70*70)
(31*31") / (80*80)
(39*39") / (100*100)
(47*47") / (120*120)

*Estimates Only

When choosing your pet's bed, we would recommend the Extra Small and Small for cats or small dog breeds up to 25lbs. The Medium and Large bed is suitable for medium dog breeds up to 45lbs and 70lbs respectively. The Extra Large bed is suitable for dog breeds up to 100lbs, and the XXL bed is recommended for large dog breeds up to 150lbs. If you have any problems or questions, simply contact us. (Please go by both weight and body length measurements) Kindly accommodate for 10cm extra when purchasing to ensure you account for the bed rim.