5 Tips for a cleaner home with a pet

Living with a pet brings a lot of joy to your home - including more cuddles, laughter, wellbeing, and tail-wagging. However, you might also be burdened with shedding fur on furniture and odours...Here are 5 tips to keep your home clean with a pet.

1. Use a Vacuum cleaner:

You need to vacuum your home frequently. Vacuum cleaners are excellent instruments for extracting fur and dirt that dogs bring into the house. As dogs love to roll around in the yard, grass, leaves, and any dust on their paws can dirty your house. So, use the vacuum cleaner and keep your house clean and fur-less.

2. Brush Your Pets Regularly:

For most pet owners, fur shedding is a major issue. Although there are some dog and cat breeds that do not shed, most breeds shed quite a bit. So, it is advisable to remember to regularly groom your pet, to reduce the amount of fur in your house. It would help if you set up a daily grooming schedule and stick to it as much as possible.

3. Give your pet pedicures:

Keeping the nails of your pet trimmed is a protective measure to reduce nail damage. Long nails can also break and can cause discomfort to your pet. Especially for older dogs, longer nails may cause them to struggle with walking on rough surfaces. 

Tools You Need for a Puppy Pedicure: Nail clippers, clotting powder, treats, and probably another human for additional help.

4. Cover the Nap spots:

If your best friend has chosen a few frequent nap spots, throw a cover over those. Keep a couple of spare sheets on hand so you can swap out as you clean the house. Not only do you protect furniture from dog fur and potential stains, but it will help keep doggie odours down. The sheets can easily be thrown in the wash whenever needed. You can invest in some blankets or rugs that can be both decorative and also help keep the floor fur-less.

5. Keep a clean bowl for your furry friend:

Regularly washing your dog's bowl helps you prevent the build-up of bacteria in their dishes along with reducing the odour. Your dog bowls should be washed every single day with soft, soapy water. Simply put, wash your dog's bowls the same way you wash your own dishes. 


As a pet parent yourself, you must be well aware of the challenges of keeping your home clean with pets around, but if you are able to figure out cleanliness hacks, then keeping your home clean would hopefully not be as difficult as one may think.

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